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Hilary Topper

Hilary is the founder of the Social Media Association. She formed the group in 2012.

She is the CEO of HJMT Public Relations, Inc. ( ), a firm she started in 1992. She is also a blogger with HJMT Media Company, LLC, where she writes two blogs (a lifestyle blog) and (swim, bike, run blog).  She also is a podcaster, where she helps business owners grow both personally and professionally.  

In addition to that, Hilary is an Adjunct Professor teaching digital communications, influencer relations, persuasive presentation, campaigns and other topics at Hofstra University for more than seven years.

Hilary wrote one of the first books on social media, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Social Media, but were afraid to ask… Building Your Business Using Consumer Generated Media. The book received high accolades and support from the PR industry, the business community and publications throughout the world. She sold thousands of copies worldwide. In 2020, she published her second book, Branding in a Digital World. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She has written numerous articles in trade and mainstream publications on social networking topics.


Most recently, she wrote a memoir called From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete – a portrait of a non-athletic triathlete. She is currently on tour across the country promoting the book.

An original Google Glass Explorer, Hilary created the first Google Glass reality show on Youtube, Glasslandia. Today, the viral series has thousands of views from around the world. Even Google wanted to know when Glasslandia would have a Season 2!

Hilary has received numerous awards and honors for her accomplishments. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Hunter College and her Masters in Public Administration from Baruch College.

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