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Jillian Weston

Jillian Weston started her own company, Jillian’s Circus, in 2013. Jillian’s Circus is an online marketing company that works with professionals, small businesses and large companies to develop an online marketing solution customized for their needs. Jillian’s Circus Team uses traditional values and new-age technology while working with thousands of businesses and individuals to develop their branding, content development, social media marketing, search engine optimization and website design. In addition, Jillian teaches instructional classes in schools, community centers, libraries, and corporate settings. She mentors new business owners, high school and college students. Her enthusiasm for her staff, clientele and community is infectious.

Jillian’s Circus has won awards in the categories of Best Boss and Best Social Media Agency on Long Island. She was honored by Long Island Business News as their top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, and is honored to receive the Premier Business Women Awards from RichnerLIVE and Herald Community Newspapers in 2020.

Jillian established her own networking group, The Unicorn Network, in 2016. The Unicorn Network, is a rapidly growing organization designed for entrepreneurial millennials. Jillian serves as the President of the board. Jillian is a board member of the Rockville Centre Chamber of Commerce, member of the Nassau Council Chamber’s of Commerce, and member of many other networking and community organizations.

Jillian’s Circus contributes to many charitable organizations. In 2020, Jillian committed to running for Woman of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society raising over $57,000 for blood cancer research.

When Jillian is not in her office, just kidding- she’s always in the office.

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