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Celebrating Social Media Day 2022

Old friends and new came together last week as the Social Media Association held its annual celebration to recognize Social Media Day. The day was first celebrated by Mashable in 2010 and it has emerged as a yearly highlight to show how social media has emerged as a key tool for communication. This year the Social Media Association had the pleasure of being hosted by Albert’s Mandarin Gourmet in Huntington. This was the first in person event held since the pandemic, and it was great to see everyone’s faces in person again!

Those in attendance were treated to a real feast which featured yummy appetizers, delicious entrees and delightful desserts. The portions at Albert’s were quite generous as everyone came away full as can be and left with doggy bags. The staff were incredibly generous and it is safe to say that the Social Media Association will be back at Albert’s in the future for another networking event.

In between all the rounds of food, naturally the topic of conversation had to do with social media. There was a good blend of SMA members and soon to be SMA members in attendance, and it was truly amazing to hear about how everyone’s line of work touches social media in some way, and how they continue to learn about all the intricacies of social media as it is an ever-changing field. The idea of going viral was talked about during the night and how you have to consistently have a presence on social media and post regularly as it only takes one post to go viral. While any post can go viral, it does make sense for social media posts to be entertaining as well as provide value to the audience.

We hope you will join us for our next event, Reels and Instagram, on July 21st in Jericho! Bring your smartphones as presenter and SMA founder Hilary Topper will get you ready to make your first or next Instagram Reel.

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